Fees and cost associated with the services are subjected to change
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Fees and cost associated with the services are subjected to change

You can use the services on our website if you review the terms and conditions. If you are below the age of eighteen years then the terms of use should be confirmed by your parents. The users who will not agree to the terms can discontinue using the website. The information which is published on our website can be accessed both by the public and private users. The terms may be subjected to change from time to time for various reasons. The career advice Singapore users will have access to the services if they are completely responsible for the fees and cost associated with the services. You can use parts of our services when you browse and view the website. The services of our website may sometimes be unavailable due to various reasons.

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Be aware of the confirmation:

The accessibility of the services on our website will vary for the individual and an employer and you discontinue the use of career advice singaporee services without any prior notice. There will be no liability for the suspension or potential alteration if you are able to acknowledge and be aware of the confirmation. The company is not responsible for the charges which will incur from your mobile carrier when you use our services. The normal rates and charges are applicable if you use the website on your mobile device. You must ensure to be responsible every time when you use the services without violating the agreement.