How to install artificial grass?
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How to install artificial grass?

If you want to gain the benefits of grass in your home and want to install the artificial grass then you can easily do it yourself with some easy and simple steps. Artificial grass has several benefits and comes in handy prices so that every homeowner wants to install it in their garden which remove their several hassle and stress of the natural grass. Here are some steps that you follow while installing turf in your home garden:

Remove grass

First of all, you need to remove the grass, holes, weed and any other particles from your home garden so that they cannot become the barrier in the installation process.

Add base

After removing the grass and other hurdles on the ground, you need to spread an even layer of road base in the garden. This will help to create an equal level of platformin the ground with proper drainage.

Lay turf

After that, you need to roll out the artificial grass and need to be careful so that the grass not drags across the freshly prepped base. You need to have proper tools and equipment for the installation process and if you do not have the right tools and equipment then you can also get helpof an expertavailable in the market easily such as AGL Turf Installer.

Artificial Turf

Cut to fit 

Once you laying process completed, you need to cut the turf with right size that will fit well in the garden. make sure to secure the perimeter evenly to get effective look of the grass and able to get high satisfaction.

Spread infill

To meet the proper infill requirements for the turf, you can buy the high performance, lifespan,and appearance of the artificial grass. If you do not have much knowledge about the infill requirements then you can also talk to the experts in best possible manner.

Brush in infill

Once the infill has been placed then you need to use a power broom or stiff bristle broom to brush the turf in best effective and reliable manner. You need to repeat the process until the infill is spread evenly and look like new. If you are not able to complete the process yourself then you can also take the help of AGL Turf Installers who have complete know-how of the installation process and can help you in best possible manner by providing effective and affordable services.