How to eat lobster without messing yourself
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How to eat lobster without messing yourself

Lobsters can be a fabulous treat for you as they are a rich source of protein, omega-3, and selenium that are essential nutrition for our overall health. They help in preventing many diseases either. For this purpose, you can start eating them without worry to prevent many illnesses either.

Eating lobster can be a bit difficult for you due to its shape. To learn it buy fresh lobster singapore and try with whole cooked lobster so that, you can enjoy each morsel and get all benefits.

Here, I would suggest you learn how to eat them by following some simple tips to eat a mouthful of lobster without wasting it on a platter:

  • Twist the tail of the lobster: Twist the tail in this way that it separates from the body. Then start cutting the tail downwards with a knife, and squeeze with your hands so that it apart from the shell.
  • Crack both claws: Pull the claws and separate them from the body. Crack a bit with the help of a knife and remove all the meat out there with a folk.
  • Knuckles part: It contains a slice of sweet and tender meat. So, take a knife and try to crack it into pieces to enjoy this delicious meat inside the knuckles.
  • Tail part: After breaking the knuckles, you will find the light green cavity inside the tail. You can also eat it if you do not feel bloating because some people do not like this area to eat due to squeamishness.

As we have seen, lobster eating is not that difficult as we assume. It is as simple as eating any other dish when you learn some basics to eat them. So, buy fresh lobster singapore and start practicing from today itself.