All About Pilar Utama Transindo
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All About Pilar Utama Transindo

Pilar Utama Transindo provides the top-class solution to all logistics problems with a service that is a class apart and more than what customers expect. Pilar Utama Transindo is a fast-growing supply chain provider. Most businesses consider logistics as their main part of the business as they influence the day-to-day revenue generation in a company.  Pilar Utama Transindo provides A-class freight forwarding, import, and export customs clearing, cargo handling, transportation, and warehouse solution. The logistics company has a huge connection to many pin codes that they serve which works Business to business and business to customers. Let us discuss it in details.


Storage and Distribution

The logistics company has a huge storage solution. The logistics company plans the day-to-day deliveries with the dispatching software and accurately deliver at the address. the logistics company function according to the

real World constraints like weather, traffic, and preferred delivery time slots. To ensure the complete capacity utilization the logistics partner uses the smarter fleeting solution for its customers for fast delivery. The logistics partner owns and outsources fleets according to the needs of the customers so it becomes cost-effective to its customers which is a little better than the market value.

Safety and security

The logistics partner works hard to provide full fledge safety and security to its customers. The consignee can track the order through the software and check where is the parcel and at what time it will get delivered. All the necessary details are being provided to the customers.