Ligandrol’s benefits and applications
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Ligandrol’s benefits and applications

Ligandrol is another name for LGD-4033. Viking Therapeutics is developing Ligandrol, a novel nonsteroidal oral selective androgen receptor modulator for treating conditions like muscle atrophy and osteoporosis. Ligand Pharmaceuticals discovered it. Racehorses and World Anti-Doping Agency samples both contained ligandrol.


According to research, LGD-4033 enhances strength and lean muscle mass and can burn fat and accelerate muscle recovery. Size, strength, and muscular hardening are the main advantages. Additionally, it aids with body sculpting and leaning.

Applications in medicine

There isn’t any solid scientific evidence to support the usage of Ligandrol, despite its use to boost energy, enhance athletic performance, promote muscle growth, and for other purposes. Ligandrol may also be dangerous.

How does ligandrol improve performance?

Some athletes might abuse ligandrol because it has been known to improve lean muscle mass because of its anabolic, muscle-building properties. Despite being illegal to use in medication anywhere in the world, some labs produce LGD-4033 and market it as a “research chemical.” This is a warning sign, and athletes should steer clear of any product advertised for sports performance or muscle growth that states that it is intended exclusively for “research purposes” or “not for human use.”

The presence of LGD-4033 in various goods advertised as nutritional supplements is particularly notable. Furthermore, this might or might not be stated on the label. LGD-4033 is not a permitted dietary component, according to the FDA.