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    Wedding Fireworks For Events – Colored or Gold Sparklers?

    Rice is the old Tradition that is been a concern for some time now. As we celebrate this very special event, we throw rice throughout the bride and groom outside the chapel. Regrettably, one of those problems is when we do so, the birds associate the rice with bird seed. Birds have a very difficult time digesting rice which may lead to their death. A current trend now is leaning toward marriage sparklers. Sparklers now come in many different varieties, structures materials and effects. New to the market place, lately companies have additional colored sparklers in their inventories and are promoting these fireworks novelties to wedding planners. Can you consider…

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    Enjoy your weekend with a lion dance

    Lion dance is the traditional dance performed in Chinese during festivals and in big occasions. It is mainly performed during the Chinese New Year and during mid autumn festival for good luck, prosperity as the lion is considered as auspicious animal as per Chinese traditions. Normally, it is performed for martial art schools or lion dance troupes. There are lots of traditional lion dance troupes which performs during these festivities. Apart from the above given festivities, Singapore LED Lion Dance troupes perform for public during the functions organized by the event management companies or during private functions also. Different type of Lion dance There are lots of varieties of lion…

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    Why Watch Stranger Things Online

    Stranger things isn’t just available in digital form only. It’s also offered in hard copies which come in form of DVDs.  So, if you are the kind that hates the idea of sitting in front of a computer to watch their favorite series, you can order the hard copies.  Deciding to watch stranger things online free rather than buying DVDs and watching the movie offline comes with multiple benefits. With the best site that offers quality movie streaming services, you don’t have to worry about quality. Your movie will be presented in the highest quality formats allowing you to enjoy even better-watching experience than you would have done when watching from…