Enjoy your weekend with a lion dance
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Enjoy your weekend with a lion dance

Lion dance is the traditional dance performed in Chinese during festivals and in big occasions. It is mainly performed during the Chinese New Year and during mid autumn festival for good luck, prosperity as the lion is considered as auspicious animal as per Chinese traditions.

Normally, it is performed for martial art schools or lion dance troupes. There are lots of traditional lion dance troupes which performs during these festivities. Apart from the above given festivities, Singapore LED Lion Dance troupes perform for public during the functions organized by the event management companies or during private functions also.

Different type of Lion dance

There are lots of varieties of lion dance available. Normally, lion dance is performed by two dances, one in front head and limbs and the other one in the back and hind legs. The performers become the body of the lion. Normally, the performer’s legs are dressed in the same color as lion’s body and some time it extends to the shoes also.  It is performed in order to scare away all the evil spirits and bring good luck to the audience and clients. Traditionally, it was performed only by the Chinese martial art schools. But over the years it has changed and now there are lots of troupes which perform lion dance. They have brought in lot of changes with the help of technology but the core of the dance remains the same. Also, over the years, it was a male only dance but that also changed in recent times, with the ladies also began to be the part of the troupe that performs the lion dance.

There are two varieties of lion dance performed traditionally. One is northern lion and southern lion. But southern lion form is the most commonly used form of the lion. Lots of people get confused between the lion dance and dragon dance. Lion dance is done by the people who wear the lion costume but dragon dance is performed by more people and they don’t wear the dragon costume. You can arrange the lion dance for the house warming ceremony, birthday parties or office parties during year end or during office annual celebrations. If it is not during the year period, then you can book just 2 weeks before the function or the date in which you want to perform and if it is during the Chinese year, you need to book well before a month to get the date confirmed.