Different Types of Moves
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Different Types of Moves

Moving is a constant process. Many people are required to move from one place to another. There is hardly any permanent place for many people. In such situations, the movers and packers company like Umzugsfirma Basel have been a lot of helpto these people. It is important to know about the different types of moves before you need to hire a mover company.

Local Move

When you move from one city to another nearby city, it is calleda local move. They are the cheapest and alsothe easiest among the different options. Itis because they have a very short distance. These charges depend upon the distance between the moves. The rateis generally calculated on an hourly basis. It would be a smart idea if you can go through the least busy route. The shortest route isgenerally most likelyto be busy and this might cost you more money. If you have smaller shipments, then you can choose the small trucks for delivery as they are likely to be cheaper.

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Intrastate move

While moving from one to another within the state, it is called intrastate. The distance between these locations could be an entire day. The calculation of the distance is done by adding the total time while going and returning. The rate depends on the shipment weight and travel distance. There are few movers who could also charge you for a full day. This varies between different companies. So, carefully choose the best among all these.

Interstate Moves

In interstate, the move is from one state to another. The rates vary completely among the companies. It is because there are different rules and regulations for traveling in different states. It is important to contact the company for their total charges before you select them. Since the distance is also large, you need to choose a trustable and reliable company.

International Moves

This is the most advanced of all moves. There aren’t many movers who qualify for this move. In order to qualify, the mover has to complete lots of paper works because of the various rules and regulation in different countries. There are a lot of other things which are required to be handled suchas international logistics, import and export restrictions, timeconstraints and various other things. You will not find many companies who are specialized in such a move and you need to look at their experience carefully before choosing them.


You need to choose your move depending on your requirements.