Introduction to Bitcoin – What You  Need To Know?
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Introduction to Bitcoin – What You  Need To Know?

Bitcoin is in the news from last some weeks, however, many people still are not aware about it. Can Bitcoin be a future of the online currency? It is just one question, often asked about Bit coins.

How Does the Bitcoin Currency Work?

Bitcoin is one kind of the electronic currency, which is autonomous from the traditional banking & came in circulation in the year 2009. According to the top traders online, Bitcoin is actually considered as a best digital currency, which relies on the computer networks for solving some complex mathematical problems, to verify & record details of every transaction made.

Bitcoin exchange rate doesn’t generally depend on central bank & there is not any single authority that actually governs supply of the CryptoCurrency. But, the price of Bitcoin generally depends on a level of confidence that the users have, as major companies accept the Bitcoin as method of payment, more successful the Bitcoin may become.

Advantages & Risks of Bitcoin


The Bitcoin benefits are the low inflation risk. The traditional currencies generally suffer from the inflation and they generally tend to lose the purchasing power every year, as the governments continue using quantative easing for stimulating our economy.

Bitcoin does not suffer from the low inflation, as Bitcoin mining is restricted to only 21 million units. It means release of the new Bitcoins will slow down and full amount will get mined out in next few decades. The experts have also predicted that last Bitcoin will get mined by the year 2050.