The preferred solution: market places
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The preferred solution: market places

A large number of exchange platforms offer you to convert your euros into bitcoins (and vice versa). Fees vary depending on the service. Be careful. However, bitcoin  btc price scams and fake sales sites are numerous. Do not hesitate to consult our blacklist (not exhaustive). Also, see our tips for buying bitcoins without getting scammed

Sites are allowing to obtain fractions of bitcoin for free.

Free but very unprofitable, these sites promise you a tiny fraction of bitcoin in exchange for “human brain time” available for advertising, or to attract visitors to their gambling platform. At most, these sites are the most avid way of testing Bitcoin without spending any money. But it will take you a long time to successfully obtain a sufficient amount to be able to make a withdrawal. Be careful though: most of these sites do not keep their promises; worse, some can hide malware or display advertisements.

 Sale Through classified ads.

Selling goods for bitcoins is not an easy thing; few buyers own bitcoins  btc price and are willing to spend them. Sites specializing in this kind of transaction are therefore rare. Let us quote all the same and the dedicated page of the bitcoin talk forum.

 Sale of goods or services.

Adding Bitcoin as in the list of payment methods accepted by your company will cost you nothing at all. For this option, we recommend that you register on different sites. For small amounts, it is recommended to use the Lightning Network, preferably installing its own lightning node.