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Join the trend:

     Even though there are many crypto currencies in usage the most well known among all of these are the bitcoin. Being the first to be introduced in the market, this is the best sought after currency in the market.  The latest trend is with the bitcoin which has proved to be the most wanted of the crypto currencies that have come about. The most important aspect of the bitcoin is the value that it carries around. With the advent of the information technology, now we are able to understand the ongoing trends in the market as far as the bitcoin price is concerned.

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The exchange:

  • The crypto currency has also been studied in the exchange just like the fiat currency.
  • The trends are also shown in the graph which shows the value of the bitcoin in the market. Since this is not an actual currency the exchange is also dealt with from a different exchange.
  • The value of the bitcoin started at a rate of 0.3 USD in the year 1994 when it was introduced in the market.
  • The current arte was shown to be highest at 13,000 in the year 2019 recently.
  • The recent trends can be checked online on the webpage and also shown on the graph.
  • The bullish and the bearish trends are also calculated and shown in the graph.
  • The analysis of the value of bitcoin is also described in articles that are specializing in the crypto currency especially the bitcoin.
  • The bitcon price is also shown in the case of the daily opening and closing rate on the webpage. The rates are compared with the various fiat currencies especially the US Dollar.