Taste The Exquisite Mountain Cat Durian Fruit From Malaysia
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Taste The Exquisite Mountain Cat Durian Fruit From Malaysia

There are many popular fruits that you have probably never heard about. If you have visited Malaysia, then you might know about a lot of fruits available there. One of the most popular fruits that you can find in Malaysia is the mountain cat durian. Most people are aware of this extremely well-known and tasty fruit. It falls under the species of Malaysian durian that most people find quite exotic. The shape of this fruit is sometimes oval and sometimes ellipsoid.

How does a mountain cat durian look?

This fruit comes with a husk that is light green. Its flesh is thick and golden yellow. It is an extremely smooth fruit with almost no fiber. Since it is devoid of any fiber, this fruit is so smooth. Also, the texture of this fruit is very creamy and sticky. The taste is both bitter and sweet. This is one of the most common varieties of durian fruit that people can find in Malaysia at this time.

Demand for the mountain cat durian fruit

The only drawback about the mountain cat durian fruit is that it is very expensive. It is mostly because the demand for this fruit is quite a lot based on its exquisite taste. However, it is being tried to increase the supply of this fruit by producing more seeds. This regional fruit has many clone plantations. The clone fruits are cultivated all over Malaysia. There are many varieties of this mountain cat fruit found in the local markets of Malaysia.