The Truth-Seeking Questions Everybody Should Ask
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The Truth-Seeking Questions Everybody Should Ask

To protect you, your family and friends, here are at least introspection and truth-seeking questions that EVERYONE should be asking themselves right now:

Did you know that various health magazines advise healthy people not to wear masks during exacerbations due to their ineffectiveness and extreme unhealthiness? Considering frequent / prolonged use, the reasons are as follows:

(i) Cheap masks are ineffective.

(ii) Good ones, such as Plain Facemasks (pore size), are ineffective if they do not envelop the facial contours properly. For example, this can happen when using a beard or those playing with a mask, breaking the seal, causing air leaks …

(iii) The area between the inner wall of the mask and the surface of the mouth creates a warm focus for the spread of pathogenic microbial infections.

(iv) Masks can cause harmful health conditions such as respiratory diseases and heart problems (see manufacturer’s warnings!). The sealing of the Magneto Face Masks causes breathing resistance, making breathing difficult. This can cause shortness of breath (choking) due to unhealthy CO2 build-up – the exhaled CO2 re-enters the respiratory system with each breath, which lacks the required amount of O2, which is usually available in an uncovered atmosphere.

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  1. Is social distancing and microbiological isolation for fools, given that it is well established that these actions only slow down the rate of disease and its spread in society?
  1. Did you know that your immune system is now weakened because it has not been tested, as it would be when you normally interact with the community?
  1. Also, have you found in the long run that forced closures were extremely counterproductive and did more harm than good? As a result of the blockade that caused economic collapse

This concludes my questions, but yes, there are many more, so ask ALL questions. Will it be a lion or a sheep?