Interesting facts about egg plant
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Interesting facts about egg plant

Egg plant is one of the highly used vegetables and this is also one of the most important plants that are grown in garden. This article is about some of the most interesting facts about this plant. The below mentioned are some fun and interesting facts which many people are not aware about the egg plant.

They are not vegetables

One of the most interesting facts about this plant is they are not actually the vegetables but they are a kind a berry. Since they are highly used like other vegetables, people have classified it under the category of vegetables.

Different names

These plants are of many different types and their names will also get varied from one region to another. In US people commonly call it as egg plant while in Italy people mention it as mala insane which means a crazy apple. In Asian countries it is mentioned as brinjal. Likewise in different regions people tend to mention it with many different names.


Even though in current trend, the egg plants are grown everywhere around the world, the Chinese are the first one to cultivate thing plant. They are also the first one to grow it in a systematic way. To mention in particular the systematic way of growing the egg plant was initiated in China in 5th century BC.


Even though it sounds to be funny, the fact is they are considered to be the close relatives of tomato and bell pepper. That is they are botanically related to bell pepper and tomato. Many botanical studies have also proven this fact.

Apart from these, there are several other interesting things that are to be known about this plant. Along with this, the people who are planting these berries should be aware of the eggplant season to cultivate it in the right way.