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Portable projector Singapore

The idea of ​​putting a small projector in a pocket just by putting it in a bag some time ago was only a hopeful idea. But as portable projector Singapore got smaller, portable models also appeared that we’re able to project data and video anywhere.

The range of size, brightness, and functionality of portable projector Singapore is astounding. Here it helps to clarify those differences and highlight your favorite models – all models weigh less than 2 pounds.

Pocket Projectors

Pocket projectors are slightly larger than smartphones. As most of them can contain videos or photos for mobile entertainment this template can be considered as a system of presentation. ‘multimedia display. It is practical and stylish but tends to have low light and relatively high performance.

portable projector singapore

The portable projector singapore is larger (and usually brighter) than mini-projectors and is generally too large to fit comfortably in the hand, even with an outstretched finger. Nevertheless, they are very light, so I don’t think about putting them in a bag or backpack anymore. Most of the products are brighter than the Picomoderu and have more connectivity options.

Large and portable projector Singapore

Many companies are introducing small projectors. These projectors are generally a bit larger than laptops but offer high luminance. Since the resolution is relatively high, the frames are large and therefore can use more physical ports than their smaller siblings.

The next step in these thin and light spotlights is to make them as wide, deep, and bright as the standard model, but only an inch thick and weigh around 4 pounds. It has high portability, but it is generally light in appearance, so there are generally less expensive connection options.