What do you mean by good protection in a cell phone case
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What do you mean by good protection in a cell phone case

A phone case that offers really good protection has several characteristics. For one thing, it’s a hard case, so you can’t just squeeze it. This means that the impact is not passed directly to the smartphone in the event of a fall. On the other hand, a good cellĀ iphone case singapore has a display and camera protection. This means that the case extends slightly over the display and the camera on the back. This means that the display and camera cannot rest or touch the ground when they are put down or when they fall.

Another feature is the internal protection, which really only very few cell phone cases have. The inside is lined with a kind of microfiber. So if you get dirt or a grain of sand between the case and smartphone, which unfortunately often happens, the microfiber simply holds it in place. Otherwise, the grain of sand, for example, simply slides back and forth between the cell phone case and smartphone and scratches the back without being noticed. Anyone who has ever had scratches on their smartphone out of nowhere, despite the case, now knows why.

Another characteristic of a good phone case is its design. It should be completely closed and no sides should be exposed, as you often see with original mobile phone cases from Apple or Samsung. This means that the frame cannot be scratched and there are no unsightly dents in the frame in the event of a fall.

If, on the other hand, you want a cell phone case that is hardly noticeable, you usually have no screen protection, no interior protection and often no camera protection. In addition, the case is so thin that the impact can hardly be absorbed by the case, even if it is a hard case.