Cam Locks- Things You Should Know About
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Cam Locks- Things You Should Know About

To close cabinets, cam locks include a connected limb, or camera, that spins. To deter thieves or illegal usage of materials, such keys are commonly employed to safeguard entry to filing cabinets, workstations, glass cases, and vending.

Cam bolts are another strong, cylindrical latching device that may be found in a variety of commercial processes. These are amongst the most typical applications for cam locking.

Furniture made of metal

Producers of metal equipment including workstations, storage space, cupboards, and workplace hard disks frequently employ cam locks. For each purpose, companies offer custom metal-leading furniture locking options.

Furniture made of wood

Wooden furniture designers are all on the lookout for high-quality locks at a reasonable price to complement their products. Timber is not only utilitarian but also elegant and safe, thanks to cam bolts form of company’s line.


Water-resistant keys with improved robust security systems are necessary for inbox installations, as they are for other environmental applications.


Lock stability is essential for all purposes, including lockers. For gymnasiums, health organizations, strip malls, multiple industrial sites, and a variety of other purposes, cam locks on vaults give a safe and secure area to store private items.

Doors and Windows

House developers frequently use the range of key harvested rainwater proof cam locks to save home window knobs and sliding doors because they mix safety with simplicity.

Furniture for medical offices

Only designated staff students are entitled to keys at medical institutions, which need data encryption for confidentiality records and drugs. The cam lock variety is widely utilized in such establishments all over the world.