Fingerprint electronic locks vs password electronic locks
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Fingerprint electronic locks vs password electronic locks

Fingerprint: this is a state-of-the-art solution and thanks to its high quality and safety standards, it is widely used in businesses such as banks, laboratories or offices; however, they are becoming more popular on the front doors of homes for the safety of people and the protection of valuables.The equipment has a small digital screen, which is configured to easily add and recognize the fingerprints of all household members.

In addition, they are made of stainless steel, so they are highly resistant to weather conditions or changes, as well as to different temperatures, scratches and bumps from people who try to circumvent security.

This lock works with long-lasting batteries, but if you want to use the electric source, you can also do it. Although you will incur additional electricity consumption, it is an extremely economical option.

This type of digital lock installation singapore has a biometric reader, which has the ability to analyze and differentiate the fingerprint lines in real time when they are placed on the sensor.

In this way, access to unregistered people is avoided and a control and history of entries or exits is maintained.

Code or password

Code or password: Another practical and modern option to install in the home is the lock that opens with a password, pin or numerical or alphanumeric code.

They are easy to install equipment and are the most used type of electronic lock in private homes or offices.

They are cheaper, so, in addition to installing them on main doors, they are also widely used to provide extra security to the different internal rooms of the home that require it.

They regularly work with batteries that work for a period of at least two years. The lock will indicate to the user when it is time to change them.

The intelligent system of this type of security device allows the registration of passwords to be saved, thereby maintaining high control of access 24 hours a day.

The equipment is very resistant to any temperature, bumps or scratches.