One step ahead to save the nature
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One step ahead to save the nature

Green marks mainly assess the performance of the overall environment which may exist in the building to promote sustainability. TheĀ green mark certification helps to design as well as practice the construction that is essential for the operation of the buildings. In recent days people are more conscious of the harmful effect of the changes in the climate.

Government authority across the world has taken the essential step to minimize the harmful consequences of the changes in the climate.

Reason to apply:

The first requisite there are many uses for applying for this kind of certificate. This will make the brand that is used in the construction have more regard in the market. Most people having concerned the nature and like to seek a brand that is safe for the environment.

The brand which applies for this certificate will inform the world that its business values are aligned with the interest of the public.

Way to apply:

This gets this kind of certificate the company should be the agent of the government, developer, or owner. They need to collect the required documents before applying online. once the approval of the application the team will do the official assessment. Once the submission the documents, they will be reviewed related to the development of the building and the rating based on the criteria of the green mark.

Once the completion of the building is done, the authorities will do the verification based on the criteria that has be maintain at the time of construction. This will ensure that the process is completed in an environment-friendly way.