Pen vaporizer – All that you should know
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Pen vaporizer – All that you should know

Among consumers of hemp derivatives and lovers of CBD in all its forms, the pen vaporizer seems to be the absolute preferred medium for taking cannabidiol. From the avid supporters of a healthy lifestyle to former smokers who, despite having quit cigarettes, love to keep the ritual and gestures: vaporizing cannabidiol everyone likes, as it is a healthy and relaxing practice, with numerous benefits of the Best Delta 8 Carts.

First of all, the absence of combustion which eliminates all health risks associated with smoking and also avoids the acrimonious “scraped throat” effect, as well as not impregnating hair and clothes with its smell. Furthermore, it is certainly the most immediate way to benefit from the CBD effects, promote sleep regularity and calm anxiety.

For this reason, from today our range is enriched with a new pen vaporizer , always with the unmistakable design of The Secret Pot, but reserved for those who prefer light colors, because relaxation is fine, but also the eye wants the its part.

Vaporizing cannabidiol: what are the benefits?

It is well known that vaping is a healthier practice than smoking, first of all because, by eliminating combustion, toxins and carbon monoxide are not inhaled.

In general, when you start vaping cannabidiol you can immediately feel a sense of widespread relaxation and a reduction in pain, when it is present. More and more studies show the effectiveness of CBD also to counteract anxiety and stress, through the use of a  pen vaporizer,  commonly used to feel more relaxed and relaxed.

The vape pen The Secret Pot

Considering the great success of vape pens , the range expands with a new entry: the new M3 pen vaporizer in white. Thin and pocket-sized like its black twin, it differs only in color, maintaining all the features that make the device unique. Equipped with a logic board inside, it is not necessary to press any buttons, because the output voltage power adjusts itself automatically.

Within the range of vape pens , there is also Palm , which, in addition to the minimal and compact design, differs from the M3 for the battery seal, but the operation of the two types of devices is almost identical.

The CBD oil- based refills are also the same , compatible with both devices and can be purchased with concentrations of active ingredient of 10% and 50% respectively.

Available in Gelato and Amnesia Lemon flavors , the 10% CBD cartrdge is composed of 100 mg of isolated crystals, dissolved in C8 MCT Oil, vitamins and natural terpenes, with a recommended dosage of 50/60 puffs per day.